Refund and Replacement Policy


Unhappy with our service?

Our formal policy on refunds and replacements is outlined below, but we're always happy to work through problems with you before you need to resort to such a policy. Let us know about your problem via or leave us a message at Koordinates Support.

Replacements or refunds of couriered data

Koordinates will replace or refund courier deliveries of data under these circumstances:

  • Non delivery of data
  • Damaged or unusable media
  • Corrupted or missing files on the media
  • The media does not contain the data purchased or is not in the format requested
Please note that Koordinates keeps a copy of couriered data for a short while, so we're sometimes able to trouble-shoot missing or corrupted files without examining your courier media. Send an email to or leave us a message at Koordinates Support.

Replacements or refunds for data purchases or download fees paid on

Koordinates provides metadata, map previews and data attribute samples to help you select the correct data before making a purchase or paying download fees, and there are no technical restrictions on the use and re-use of downloaded data. As such, Koordinates offers no refunds for data purchases or download fees unless the files delivered are corrupted and unfixable via supply of a replacement copy.

Re-downloading data purchases

Data purchases made via can currently be re-downloaded at no further cost under the same license as your original purchase. Visit the Purchases area of to re-download your data in a different file format or projection.

Download fees are paid per download

Download fees cover data processing costs and are charged each time a download is made. Re-downloading data in a different file format or projection requires payment of a new download fee. 

Contacting Koordinates about a replacement or refund

To request a replacement or refund, contact Koordinates Accounts at and quote your invoice number and/or include a copy of your PDF invoice.

You can also send a letter or parcel to:

Koordinates Data Returns
PO Box 1604
Shortland St
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Koordinates is an Internet-based company and does not provide customer support by phone. But in the event a response about a replacement or refund request isn't received within two business days of contacting Koordinates Accounts, call +64 9 966 0433.

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